Friday, January 6, 2012

Leo Romero 2006 Sprotster 883r Project

Leo's buddy, Timothy called us one day and asked if we could help out one of his riders with his bike. He didn't really know what was wrong with it but he knew it didn't run. So, we gave Leo a call and set a time to pick it up. When I got to his house he opened the garage to reveal this 883r that had seen much better days. Most of it was in boxes, flat tires and missing a bunch of parts and dirtier than any 2066 should ever be. Leo's job requires him to travel a lot so he just didn't have time to deal with it anymore. He asked if we could get it sorted out and back on the road. And since he's been riding his Night Train around for the last two years, the little 883 was not going to feed his need anymore. So he also asked us to give him a little more power. Well, it's almost done, Leo. The good people at Branch-O'keefe, Zippers, Andrews, JE, Dyna Tech, Thunder Header, and Mikuni have all helped us help you get a little more power.            

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