Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Harley Davidson Forty-Eight Project Update

This thing finally got torn down and sent out for paint and finishes a few weeks ago. It should go back together soon , stay tuned...  

Sportster Handlebars

Top Shelf Customs SST Handlebars, Shorty Risers and Smasher Series Grips are back in stock. The SST mini apes are designed specifically for Sportster with a narrow clamp area, 12" height, and very mild 3" pull back. Available in polished stainless steel or gloss black powder coat.   

Call to order 714-903-8042 or come by  the shop...
Top Shelf Customs, 15102 Bolsa Chica Rd. Huntington Beach, Ca. 92649  ( 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over, And Over, And Over Again... Turn It Up!!!

Not sure witch I like more in this video, what you see or what you hear...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 Triumph Bonneville T100

This T100 is just about ready to go. It came in for a few changes, mostly bolt on stuff. We did a set of black Sun aluminum rims with black spokes, 17x3.5 up front and a 17x5.5 out back. To make room for the 1800mm tire, we had to get rid of the rear fender. Opened up the exhaust and intake with British Customs slip-ons and air box kit. Swapped out the stock headlight brackets for a set off the Thuxton. We also changed the mirrors and levers, ASV on the levers and CRG on the mirrors. The engine got a set of The Speed Merchant covers, stater and sprocket. They were both powder coated to match the gray in the paint along with the bars, chain guard and primary cover. We did that because we were trying get rid as much chrome and shiny stuff as possible. The rest of the motor was finished in black and the header was ceramic coated. The covered shocks are from Hagon. We tore them apart and had the covers powder coated too.   Last but not least was the seat, the popsicle stick had to go. This one was done by  Mauricio Aguilar, he always does a great job. He talked me into letting him do the rectangle pattern, and he was right, it looks looks great. Just a few things to do before it hits the street but we're getting there.
It's been a bit of a change, working on these Triumphs but, sometimes change is good. Check it out...              

Friday, October 12, 2012

The FXRP Project

This 1986 FXRP is another project that we finished up this summer. It came in looking pretty rough, for sure. We ripped it apart and went through it. The first thing we did was get rid of the stock 35mm forks. It got a brand new set of 39mm forks with Race Tech emulators and Speed Merchant preload adjusters. Rebuilt the front brake calipers and had the powder coated. It also got a Custom Cycle Engineering fork brace and a new set of brake line. The wheels were torn down and powder coated then got new bearing and seals. The bars are 14" West Coast T-bars. We also rewired it for new style HD switch housings and and added a set of Roland Sands Designs grips. It got a new set of 14" Works Performance Black Trackers. It came in with a chrome swing arm so we pulled it and powder coated it. That went back on with a Custom Cycle Engineering swing arm pivot kit. The rear brake that it came in with was beyond repair so we did a new PM 4 piston kit. ColorZone Designs did the paint work. The bike came in painted white with red flames. It actually would have been cool to restore that paint job, it definitely had an attitude. But, he wanted to change it so, we did. We added the Ness fairing and side covers as well. In these picture the paint looks black but it's a deep green. Anyway, if you're up in the San Jose area you 'll see it rolling around. If not, here you go...          

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pankow's West Coast Choppers CFL Project

This past summer was really nuts around the shop. We had a hand full of projects to do and a ton of summer time service and repair work. Not complaining, though, we appreciate all opportunities that come our way. But, I've had people asking why the Motomo posting had stopped and the reason was, not enough time.   Anyway, we shot some pics along the way and I started posting again a couple days ago.
 This CFL was one of the projects. It's been in and out of the shop for over the past year and has been posted here in the past. We got it's final assembly done a few weeks ago and rode it around a little to get it sorted out. It's a runner now so Kris came in yesterday with his registration and rode it out of here. Check it out...        

Monday, October 8, 2012

2013 Triumph Thruxton Project

When we were asked  to give this brand new 2013 Triumph Thruxton the business, we really didn't know what to say. We had never worked on or ever done anything to any of the new Triumphs before. And, I thought the bike looked pretty cool the way it was. But, it came in for some changes, so we made some changes. I hope they like it.    
By the way, this was also the first new Triumph I've ever ridden. A lot more bang for your buck than I ever thought. It's a really fun bike to blast around on. Check it out...