Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joyrides Art Company, Company Car

It's been a few years since this one was finished but, I still it's a great bike. Chassis Design frame
S&S 113" motor, Baker six speed trans,think PM wheels, brakes and hand controls controls. Paint was done by Matt at ColorZone.

Top photo by Mark Kawakami, Joyrides Art Company.
of Joyrides

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dead Kennedys - RIOT

Top Shelf Customs Easy-Fab Threaded And Counterbored Bungs

All styles available in 5/16, 3/8 and 7/16.
$3.00- $3.50 depending on size
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Top Shelf Customs Sportster High Performance Engine Overhaul

Chris Jones dropped off his very tired 91 883 Sportster and said, something is wrong with my bike, it's losing power. Well, that's because he melted down his front piston. Perfect he said, I always wanted to do the 1200 conversion anyway. Well, the black cylinder heads without machined fins, the Mikuni HRS 42mm carb, the single fire coil and Dyna 2000i ignition in front of a set of Andrews N4 cams can only mean one thing, Chis' 883 got the Buell Thunderstorm high performance 1200 conversion. This is a combination we've done many times and the results are definitely worth the price of admission for sure, it makes power!

Want to upgrade your Sportster, give us a call.
Top Shelf Customs 714-903-8042

Friday, October 22, 2010

Steve Wise Team Honda 1977

Japanese Magazines Up For Grabs

I've got about five years worth of Hot Bike Japan and
Vibes magazine that I don't really need. They are from
'01 about '06, so most are pre Hard Core Chopper.
And most are in good condition. Those who are
familiar with these mags know they are full of amazing
motorcycle and the quality is rivaled only by high quality porn
here in the states. Definitely what every publisher should
strive for though for sure.

Black Flag-Six Pack

Black Flag Lineup 1976-1986

Chopper Steve' Original Smasher FOR SALE

We built this back in '05 for Chopper Steve. he originally wanted a 4 up CFL, hence the name "Chopper Steve" but at the time, there was a 6 month wait on CFL frames. So, while we were waiting, he let us build this for him. I wish I could buy this one back, it really is a nice motorcycle. The hour meter reads just 38hrs so there're not very many miles on it.

For More Info bmotomo@aol.com

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Talking Heads Live 1984

Top Shelf Customs... Your Local Biltwell Dealer

Hats and Handlebars Always In Stock!

Top Shelf Customs
15102 Bolsa Chica Rd
Huntington Beach Ca. 92649

The Brown Bomber Goes Under The Knife

Al put his Brown Bomber on the operating table last weekend
for some routine procedures. When he first built the bike, he was
kinda rushing it, to get it to a show and felt he cut some corners.
This time around, the first thing he did was one of his hand made stainless steel
exhaust systems. He's done all kinds of crazy system for customer but
for his bike he's going with a simple mid-swept set with some machined
end caps. He's also playing with some different handlebars, brushed stainless
Top Shelf SST Shorts on a set of our new OS risers in black ano seem to be the choice.
I think his on the right track. What's next, Al?