Thursday, January 12, 2012

Basket Case Sportster/Buell Update

I thought this project would have been a little further along but since it's a shop deal, it only gets what it gets when time is available. I had some time to kill on Sunday so I jammed over to the shop to see if I could get a few things done on this thing. Got the rear wheel, rear brake, chain line squared away first. Once that was done I moved on to the rear fender and struts. The seat was next but I'm not sure it's going to stay. The fender is a modified Chica 5". The rear brake is Perfomance Machine 4 piston with a PM rear disc. The seat is from West Eagle and Biltwell's cast stainless steel seat hinge. The tail light is just an idea at this point. Stay tuned, it will get done.          

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