Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bud Hemstreet Part 2

A couple of days ago, I showed you some pic of Buds Big Block Chevy powered '55 Dodge Pickup. After I shot the pictures he offered to take me for a ride, of course I accepted.. So, we hop in the truck, he fires it up and immediately starts to clear it out by giving it a few good 3500ish rpm revs. Now, I been on quite a few rides like this, with all kinds of different people. And, most of the time, you get in the car, they find a little open road and stomp on the gas. However, as soon as the car really starts to come to life, they take their foot of the pedal and look at you ask, what do you think? Usually I'll just say, wow, that's nice. But, what I'm really thinking is, what was that? Did you just shit yourself? Well, I didn't have any of those thoughts during my ride with Bud. He pulled that thing out of the neighborhood to Del Amo Blvd. and waited for traffic to clear. When it was clear, pulls onto Del Amo, loads up the drive line and launches it. He stayed in it through first and second gear and did not get out of it till halfway through third. Then, hard on the brakes to make the stop at Clark. It was really cool. So i tell him, wow Bud, you're pretty crazy. He just says, na, that was nothing, I'm licensed to drive a 7 second car. What???  Turns out, in his younger days, he did a little drag racing. When I say younger I mean in 2006, when he was over 80 year old. Check it out..       

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