Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Speed Merchant 39mm Fork Pre-Load Adjusters

 We have the opportunity to test a lot of aftermarket parts in our shop. Some better than others, some not good at all and very few are "must have" items. Last year, when we first caught wind of the spring pre-load adjusters for 39mm forks from Speed Merchant, we couldn't wait to get our hands on a set. 
 Why? Because unless you have a Dyna FXDX or Sportster Sport, you need them. And that's why we thinks they're a "must have" item. Most, if not all, performance motorcycles have adjustable suspension components. In fact, that's exactly what makes the FXDX and Sportster Sport the "bikes of choice" of the aggressive, go fast, lane splitters who use their bikes to take care of business.  
 The forward thinkers over at Speed Merchant knew this but, also knew not everyone could get a DX or Sport, Harley Davidson didn't really that many of them. Sure,you could buy a set of new FXDX or Sport forks but, they'll cost you some real money, as a set will set you back about $800. bucks. So, they developed their own solution. 
 Their 39mm adjusters solve a big part of the stock suspensions shot-falls, being way to soft for the weight of the bike. Causing your bike to ride in the middle of the stroke where the valving start to get harsh. Being able to set the correct pre-load will allow you forks to ride higher, in the upper portion of the stroke. This tends to keep the front wheel planted as wall as allowing the fork to use the full range of travel.
We've installed quite a few sets now and each customer was surprised at how much the fork action was improved. For $159.00 and a couple of bottles of quality fork oil you can greatly improve your ride quality without spending a bunch of money.    
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