Thursday, December 29, 2011

For Sale... 62 Buick La Sabre

Up for sale is a very clean and original 1962 Buick La Sabre. Runs great, looks great and drives great. It's got a 401 Nailhead  with auto trans. Tires are new and just rebuilt the carb. The car spent most of its life in an Orange Count Ca. garage and it shows. It's all stock and original except for a nice repaint in the og color. Would really look good dropped with some Astro  Supremes and a set of bellflowers  If you're looking for a clean, ready to drive sixties cruiser, this one is worth checking out. $8,750.00   

For More Info Call 714-234-8042 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wayne' World Part 2, "Last Call"

Wayne Smith' 93" S&S Shovel. Earlier this year we did  the mock up and fab work for Wayne. But once we got it there, he wanted to take it apart, have all the finishes done and then, reassemble it himself. That way, he would know the bike and be better equipped to deal with it if he had any issues out on the road. Made sense to us so, we did what we do and sent it home with him. Well, he  finished it and did a really nice job too. He brought it back in last Friday and asked us if we could give a once-over to make sure he didn't miss anything and help get it on the road. He pretty much nailed it. We gave it a nut and bolt check, adjusted the clutch, bled the rear brake, put some gear oil in, made sure he had oil pressure and gas. We cranked it over and she fired right off and ran like a champ. Check it out...       

Friday, December 23, 2011

Yeah, I'll Take A Pack...

Roland Sands Designs Yamaha V-MAX

Someone came into the shop and asked if I had seen the new Roland Sands Designs, Yamaha V-Max. Since I hadn't made it to the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show this year, I had to tell them, no. Anyway I figured I could poke around You-Tube and find it. Now, I think the new V-Max is already a really sick bike so, I really wanted to see what they would do with theirs. It's the mad man, for sure! Check it out...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob Project Part 2

The Dyna Fat Bob Project is finished and ready to go back to where it came from. They told us to do what we wanted. So we went with a set of Black Bike hubs laced up to Excell aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes. Performance Machine brake calipers, rotors,  Contour forward controls and their new Dyna open primary. Progersive Suspenssion covered shocks with a set of their hidden turn signals. Chain Drive. Single head light and new tail light. New rear fender and struts. Goodson air cleaner. Paint laid down by Mat Polasky at ColorZone designs. And, a little Top Shelf Customs Quality and Style, SST Bars, OS risers and Smasher Series grips. Do you think they'll notice?   


Helmet Sale

Christmas Special !! 20% Off All Helmets In Stock! That includes all Biltwell, Loser Machine and Custom Painted DOT Fulmer helmets.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Top Shelf Customs Easy-Fab Tag Mount Kit

Easy Fab DIY Tag Mount kits are back in stock. Includes everything you see, just $69.95.
Call to order 714-903-8042

Blake Baggett

Blake Baggett is one of  more talented riders in the 250f class. He had a great season in 2011, winning motos and over-alls and usually on the podium as well. He put in some of his best rides though,after getting a bad starts too. Take a look at how this kid handles his dirt bike. No matter were he is on the track, he looks like he's in a big hurry!    

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can't Get Enough Of This One...

Goodson Air Cleaners

Dennis Goodson makes some of the coolest air cleaners on the market. Available for S&S, CV and Mikuni carbs. Never under estimate the damage fine dirt particle can do to your motor. If you ride your bike in traffic, you need a real filter. Made in America and always available at Top Shelf Customs. 714-903-8042    

Monday, December 12, 2011

David Mann Chopperfest 2011

We packed up the rig and rolled up to Ventura this weekend for the 8th annual David Mann Chopperfest. It's always been one of my favorite local shows. I took a few minutes away from our booth to take a look at show bike field, check it out...