Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bud Hemstreet' 1955 Dodge Ram Shallow Bed

I met Bud about 10 years ago. His chick lives across the street from us so I see him pretty often. Just about every time I see him he's in his Toyota Avalon. Well, a couple months ago, I pull up to my house and see this thing sitting across the street, parked on the street. At first glance I think, that's a clean, restored truck, I wonder who owns it. But, I had stuff to do so I just went about my business. Then later that afternoon I hear someone get into a car. I hear them as they turn the key and start to crank it over. When it comes to life, it sounds really nasty so I  look out my front window and see Bud  pulling away in this truck. So, the next time I see him, he's in his Avalon of course but I stopped him and asked about this truck he was driving. He tells me it's his old work truck from his auto repair shop. He bought it back in 1962 with a bad crank shaft. Yeah, I said 1962, Bud is 87 years old. He ran his shop, Busy B garage from 1954 to 1967 in Norwalk Ca. Check out the phone number on the door, that was his OG number! Anyway he fixed the crank shaft issue and drove it up until 2003 when he and his son started the restoration. This time around they spliced in a Nova front clip to give him some brakes and better steering. They also used a Ford 9" rear end with 3.90 gears. That nasty sound I heard comes from a 500" Chevy big block that bud says makes about 550hp. Behind that is a Art Car 200r trans with a 2500 converter. Body and paint were done at Barry Whites shop in Corona. These picture were taken with a cell phone and don't do this truck any favors but, this is a very well sorted project. I'll have another story about Bud later too. For now though, here's the truck...                   

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