Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Shelf Customs/Custom Cycle Engineering Oil Tank

This may not be period or correct but, Kens cast aluminum panhead rocker box oil tank is finally done and, it's the sheet! We originally had the tin boxes with d-ring and gaskets, bolted together but, once the oil got hot, it would develop a leak. We really should have done this form the get-go but, at the time we thought we couldn't afford to. Turns out we couldn't afford not to.


  1. Hey Barry,
    I love this frigging oil bag! Its the sheet! rode a lot over the weekend not a drop to be found. Its like a eco/green bike.

  2. Cool, if you notice anything strange, let me know. Bring it by when you think it needs to be service and we'll take a look at it to make sure evrything's cool.

  3. So good! All over.