Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Honda CRF230F

Or as I call it, the adult XR75. If you've ever thought you wanted to try dirt bike riding but didn't know what bike would make a good entry level adult ride, here your answer. The Honda CRF230F. Now, even though the 230cc air cooled four stroke is very low-tech, it has descent power and is extremely reliable. It's relatively low to the ground, compared to a full blown motocross but, still has descent suspensionand and full size wheels. And, it's got the button, yeah it's electric start, all great features for an entry level rider. And, trust me, there are very few places this thing won't take you. Anyone who has ridden a Honda XR75 can tell you how much fun they were to ride and this thing is just like it only bigger. It's defiitly more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

About fifteen hundred bucks for a clean used 2003-2006.

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