Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wayne' World Part 2, "Last Call"

Wayne Smith' 93" S&S Shovel. Earlier this year we did  the mock up and fab work for Wayne. But once we got it there, he wanted to take it apart, have all the finishes done and then, reassemble it himself. That way, he would know the bike and be better equipped to deal with it if he had any issues out on the road. Made sense to us so, we did what we do and sent it home with him. Well, he  finished it and did a really nice job too. He brought it back in last Friday and asked us if we could give a once-over to make sure he didn't miss anything and help get it on the road. He pretty much nailed it. We gave it a nut and bolt check, adjusted the clutch, bled the rear brake, put some gear oil in, made sure he had oil pressure and gas. We cranked it over and she fired right off and ran like a champ. Check it out...       

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