Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The RX7 Project

About a year or so ago my brother called me and said, hey, I just bought an RX7.  My first questions to him was, why? Him being a big car type of guy I could not believe a Mazda was on his hot rod radar. As it turns out, he said he always liked the first gen RX7 and wanted to turbo-charge it. Well here the near finished project. As you can see, from the outside, it still looks pretty much stock, part of of his plan of course. But that's about the only thing stock about it. The first tell-tale sign that there's something going on is the sound you hear when it rolls up, kind of like a two stroke motorcycle or something. He's having a few issues with it running a little hot, water and oil but he said he knows how to cure it. He also set up the suspension with Bilstein shocks, stiffer springs, different sway bars and 411 ping and pinion.  Anyway, he said as it sits it made 325hp on a chassis dyno. That may not sound all that great but, I drove it and,  in the 2300 pound car it feels very strong. He said he tested it in a drag race against his friends 2011 SRT Hemi Chalanger. He claims it wasn't much of a contest as he walked away from it, with ease. Check it out, he did most of it himself, in his garage. Mazda 13b, Garrett turbo charger, Barry Grant carb, MSD ignition.        

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