Monday, June 13, 2011

Dale Takushi Shovelhead

Dale's an old friend who hung with the crew back in the early 80s, he too hales from the north end of Torrance. Anyway, hes been working on this thing for quite a while now. He got it about eight years ago in the form of a 1979 fxe with a bad rear cylinder. He fixed that and rode it around for a bit but, decided to tear it down and make a few changes, that was about six years ago. From time to time, he would bring it by the shop when he was stumped and we would get him through what ever it was and send him back to his garage. Over the years, its been in the shop a dozen or so times. Each time he brought it, we would notice some new trick he came up with. We would say, yeah Dale, that's neat, then give him some shit about how long it was taking him to get it finished. It was beginning to remind me of his never ending Datsun 510 he built back in the day. Well, had brought it by on Friday as a runner with a couple of minor issues. We through it on the table, sorted him out, gave him a little more shit and this time, sent him out in traffic. Nice work, Dale, now, go put some paint on it!

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