Friday, June 17, 2011

Photos Removed By Request

Went to visit Chica yesterday and pick up one of his fenders. When I walked in the door, I got a glimpse of these two bike being readied for Born Free 3. While this was Chic's shop, the bikes are being built by a couple of his close friends. The Knucklehead looks okay but, the Pan is a bike that every one should look at and store the image in their minds under "custom motorcycle". He clearly knew how this dish should taste long before getting the ingredients and serving it up. Go to show and see it for yourself, it's a great example of how it should be done. Well, how I think it should be done anyway.
My apologies to the owner of the Panhead you may have seen in this post earlier today. i posted the pictures before he was ready to show his work. Look for it completed, at Born Free 3 June 25 2011


  1. oh man....John was keeping that under wraps....

  2. Yeah, I should have known better. I wish I had seen your comment sooner.