Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Morning At Milestone MX

With the time change yesterday, I thought I could get out early and get a jump on the crowd at Milestone, wrong! I pulled up to the gate at 8am to this long line. Then took a look behind me, and it kept growing. No big deal though because this place is nothing but a good time no matter how many riders are out.

Riding season is definitely in full swing.

Gear bag, ramp, ice chest, tire pump, folding chair.
check, check, check, check and check, load it up.
A bag full of stinky riding gear must be opened
and aired out and washed or your next session
wont be very pleasant.

This little thing is still a blast to ride.But after a day at the
track it too needs to be sorted out. Wash, check for loose nuts
and bolt, clean the air filter, change the oil, air bleed the forks
and lube the chain. Good thing Monday is my day off.
And on a side note. After riding, I'm always pretty hungry. But the
only thing near the track is Jack inthebox, not really for me. So as I was
driving home I decided to check out a taco spot I heard about on the
Pakajunk blog. It's in Long Beach. Go to Pakajunk to find where, you'll
be glad you did. Four tacos and a soda for five bucks. I had 2 barbacoa
and 2 pastor, on point, as they say.

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