Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ascot Raceway Gardena Ca.

Ascot was one of those places you wished could stay open forever.
It was about a mile from our house as kids so we spent a quite a few nights
out there. I'm sure if you lived in the area, you remember that on just about
any night they were open you could hear the action and see the firework show
from your yard. Here are some pages from an old Ascot Speedway night program.
I really miss this place, it shut down for good in1990.


  1. I loved Ascot Raceway! My dad took me there EVERY Thursday for 1/4 mile speedway (until the new smaller track opened) and then again on Saturday for Sprints from 1978 until the place closed down. Back in the day when you could stand at turn one on the dirt and get pelted with clay so hard, you might get a black eye if you weren't careful! (or a car on your head) But speedway was my favorite - Shawn Moran, Bobby Schwartz, Tony Briggs, Dave DeTemple (wood leg), etc. And the announcer, Bruce Flanders, I think. Good times. Thanks for the cool website!

  2. Yep, Tracy, I remember all of them too. I actually ran into Bobby Schwart at the International Motorcycle Show last year in Long Beach. I just heard that one of the Moran brothers had passed away, I think it was Kelly, bummer, both of the were great riders.