Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Behind the controls with Geico Powersports Honda Justin Barcia

This is justa glimps of what it takes to win an AMA Outdoor Motocross event. They run this pace for thirty minutes + 2 laps, twice a day on race day. From the sound of it though, the mechanic is as inportant as the rider. This bike is taking a beating!


  1. Dude that track is weak! Must be an east coast track, awesome dirt.. lame jumps!

  2. Nope, Mark, not many big jumps at MX338 in Southwick Mas. However, it is the most dreaded track of the AMA outdoor series. Because of the speed outdoor motocross is run at, even the slower riders can usually do all the jumps. So, to be succesful outdoors, speed and momentum are key. And, since just about everyone can go fast down the straights, corner speed is where these races are won and lost. Southwick is a power-robbing sand track so keeping your momentum up is even harder too. That sand does look killer when it's watered down though, but it'll eat you alive. You're right, it's not the best spectator track.