Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mad Scientist

At a quick glance, this bike may look like your typical mid 90s custom.
Most people these days, including myself, would probably walk right by it
and never think of it again. But, since we had to work on it, we forced to
take a closer look. And what we found was a very special motorcycle built by a guy
who built what he thought needed to be built, the way he wanted to build it. He was Randy Smith of Custom Cycle Engineering. You don't want to judge this book by its cover.
The first thing we noticed about this bike was the rubber mounted motor and the bagger trans. Then, the Carls Speed Shop carb. Looked a little closer and noticed it had fully adjustable suspension, front and rear. But the biggest shock was, how easy it was to move around the shop. And, that's because this bike is lite, really lite. This sucker was built around a hand made, all aluminum frame and swingarm. Both fenders and the faring are also aluminum. It also sports a set of Sun aluminum rims laced up to a very rare set of Performance Machine wire spoke hubs. The gas tank for some reason is not aluminum though, it's carbon fiber, unreal!
It came to us to have the top end and the carb rebuilt. The motor was piece work too. Harley Davidson Evo case with Sputhe Engineering 95" jugs, CP pistons and ported cylinder heads.
I don't know the specs on the frame as far as rake or stretch go but, I can tell you that it's a very easy bike to ride that turns well and goes straight and, the motor flat gets it! They say Randy built this bike for his wife. However, a close friend of his told us whenever Randy built a bike, he told his wife it was for her, it was the best way to get her to agree on any project. Crafty in more ways than one. If anyone has more info on this bike, please let us know.
As a side note, the art work on the air cleaner was another piece done by the late Bob Iverson.

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