Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AMA Motocross

AMA motocross was back in Unadilla. Lots of talk over the past few weeks about James Stewart returning to the series in Unadilla and sure enough, there he was on his number 7 Yamaha. James hasn't raced an AMA outdoor moto since he won every moto of every round of the 2008 AMA outdoor motocross series. Unfortunately, you can't come off the couch after an 18 month lay-off and win an outdoor national, I don't care how fast you were. To win outdoors, you gotta be in shape, you gotta be sharp and you gotta be fast for 30 minutes plus two laps, twicw in one day. He he looked good early in the first moto and ran up front with the leaders but, his lack of fitness began to show as the race wore on. He ended his day 11th over all after pulling out of the second moto at the half way mark. He's got the speed but thats not enough these days.
Ryan Dungey, Clemente Desalle, Andrew Short and Kevin Windham however are in great race shape and put on one of the best races of the 2010 season. At the end it was Ryan Dungey who won both motos though and is closing in on his first 450cc class AMA outdoor title.

Dungey #5, Desalle #463, Windham #14, Short #29, Stewart #7

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