Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Non Chopper Post... 2013 Triumph Tiger 800xc

This is the bike that I replaced my Suzuki DL1000 with. It's the 2013 Triumph Tiger 800xc. It's pretty much the same style as the Strom but a bit more modern in every way. It doesn't make as much power (95hp) as the Suzuki but, it weighs about eighty pounds less so it still feels strong. It also feels more like a dirt bike than the Strom did, too. It's got a 21" front wheel, motocross style handlebars and nine inched of suspension travel, front and rear. I'm sure you could ride it just about anywhere, if it had a set of true knobby tires. Anyway, if you ride dirt bikes, you can tell by looking at this thing why I haven't been updating this blog. It's a f#&@in situation.      

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