Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Harley Davidson Forty Eight "Kill Machine" By Top Shelf Customs

Well, it's finished. It came to us directly from Glendale Harley Davidson as a 2012 Harley Davidson Forty Eight. The customer sent me an e-mail that said, can you build me this bike?  Attached was a picture a Sportster built by Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts called Iron Guerilla. Now, I really liked Rough Crafts bikes but, I told him, if you want that bike you're going to need to contact them. The best we can do is give you our version of a lowdown, nasty, kill machine. So, he says, what will that look like, can you draw something up? Sorry, I couldn't draw a picture to save my life, you're going to have to trust us on this one. Well, can you at least use those tires, he asked. I say, yeah, we may be able to. So, we get the go-ahead thinking, he's going to be at the shop every day to check up on the deal. But fortunately, that wasn't the case, he never came in to the shop, not once. He would call every now and then and ask, how's the Sportster coming along? 
Anyway, when we open the back of the trailer, this is what he's going to see. Definitely not the bike it came to us as. Definitely Rough Crafts inspired. Definitely flavored by Top Shelf Customs... I hope he can forgive us about the tire deal.              
Big thanks to Performance Machine, The Speed Merchant, Works Performance, ISR, Dennis Goodson, Joker Machine, ColorZone Designs, Pacman, and Azteca Customs.

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