Friday, October 12, 2012

The FXRP Project

This 1986 FXRP is another project that we finished up this summer. It came in looking pretty rough, for sure. We ripped it apart and went through it. The first thing we did was get rid of the stock 35mm forks. It got a brand new set of 39mm forks with Race Tech emulators and Speed Merchant preload adjusters. Rebuilt the front brake calipers and had the powder coated. It also got a Custom Cycle Engineering fork brace and a new set of brake line. The wheels were torn down and powder coated then got new bearing and seals. The bars are 14" West Coast T-bars. We also rewired it for new style HD switch housings and and added a set of Roland Sands Designs grips. It got a new set of 14" Works Performance Black Trackers. It came in with a chrome swing arm so we pulled it and powder coated it. That went back on with a Custom Cycle Engineering swing arm pivot kit. The rear brake that it came in with was beyond repair so we did a new PM 4 piston kit. ColorZone Designs did the paint work. The bike came in painted white with red flames. It actually would have been cool to restore that paint job, it definitely had an attitude. But, he wanted to change it so, we did. We added the Ness fairing and side covers as well. In these picture the paint looks black but it's a deep green. Anyway, if you're up in the San Jose area you 'll see it rolling around. If not, here you go...          


  1. What is the brand of that fairing? Thanks.

  2. What kind of seat is on the bike? I love how it looks.