Friday, April 27, 2012

Craig's List FXR Deal Of The Year...

This bike popped up on Craig's List a few weeks ago for what I thought was a great deal at 14k. We gave it a bit of a face lift and squared away a few issue. This is how it looked when it left us. I was able to put some time on it and, it was really something else. A 124"  S&S motor is one thing in a chopper chassis but, something all together different in this chassis, great bike. Anyway, a few people called the shop asking if I thought it was worth the money. Are you kidding me! I don't think you could buy half the parts used to build it for 14Gs. Does anyone know who ended up with it?  


  1. The guy who owns the bike just stopped by the shop tonight. This bike is AWESOME!

  2. Looking at your pictures of this bike I noticed a couple things have been changed. It has Superbike bars on it and the exhaust has been wrapped.

    Also when it originally built it had a Speedo and Tach. I have to source them again as the new owner wants them back on.

  3. Yeah, I don't know what your guy paid for it but, that bike was bitchen and fast too. The tach and speedo went on another project for the same guy who owned it before. It was a top clamp from Yankee Engieuity with Auto Meter gauges.