Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Speed Merchant...

After returning the Dyna Fatbob project, we were given a new 2012 Sportster Fortyeight to play around with. I've really wanted to do something with one for a while now so we're really stoked with this opportunity. Anyways, after we closed up an Saturday, I went over to visit the The Speed Merchant  headquarters in Signal Hill, Ca. My plan was to get my hands on a set of their 39mm fork preload adjuster for the Fortyeight. I was able to speak with Brandon, one of the principals of SM, about some fork oil and spring rates he like to use with the adjuster. It's very important to get that stuff right to get the most out of your tuning and he seemed pretty clear on what works best. That info will save us, or you a bunch of time too. 
I also picked a couple of other SM items while I was there. One of them was this really nicely cast derby cover. I got it in polished finish and you can see the quality of the casting. I also grabbed  a set their new handlebars. No pictures because I'm not sure if they're ready to show them just yet. But, after I sat on the SM test bike, I wanted some for our project. It's an excellent bend for an aggressive, cafe' style setup. One more thing, all of their products are made right here in So.Cal. Thanks again for your help, Brandon.
You can check them out and buy their stuff at                                 


  1. Can't wait to see the result, I've got a raw finish cover on my Forty Eight which Dan very nicely put up on the Merchant blog, it looks killer and does a brilliant job of disapating heat from the clutch basket area, which is really the primary [no pun intended] purpose, ride for three hours straight and put an ungloved palm of your hand hard against it . . . too cool !!

  2. That's a good point, Whiteline. Managing your trans/primary fluid temp couldn't hurt. I dig the way it looks but hey,I'll take any advantage I can get.
    By the way, would you buy a matching timing cover if they offered it?