Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dan Boyds Paughco/Top Shelf Customs FXR Project

We've been working with the guys at Paughco for quite a while now, so when we found out about their new FXR style frame, we knew we had to get one. This one is set up to take a 180mm rear tire but they also offer it in stock dimension as well. This thing should be a lot of fun. Dan went with a Doran Benson built 120" Ultima motor and a 6speed trans. The wheels are Roland Sands Designs chrome Diesels, 18x5.5 rear and 19x2.15 up front. Tires are Metzler ME880s. The forks and trees are from an XR1200R. And somehow, Dan was able to locate a Sputhe Engineering aluminum swing arm.Stay tuned...                 

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