Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Game Hunter...

Anybody remember these little gems? As kid, my brother and I had all kinds of Daisey, Marksman and Crossman bb and pellet guns. They were all okay and reasonably powerful but, none matched the power and mystique of the mighty 8 pump, 20 cal. Sheridan. It was believed to be able to drop a crow with a single shot, something none of our gun were capable of. As kids, we never got our hands on one, they were just too expensive. Well, I finally saved up enough cash and was old enough to go into the store by myself and buy on, I did. I don't want to say why I got it when I did, right now, but a few people out there know the story. This is it, I originally purchased it at the Gemco store in Gardena (Redondo Beach Blvd. And Van Ness). That was many moons ago, 1981, I think. It's as strong and accurate as ever too.

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