Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back At It...

Spent the last few weeks getting ready for the V Twin Expo and haven't had time to update the blog for a while. It was a lot of work but we got it done and everything worked out. Though, I did read, what I thought was a really inaccurate review of the show on Chop Cult, "Snow Blind". I don't really know much about the guy who wrote it, other than his chop cult profile says he burst onto the scene in 2006, but he seems to have some sort of agenda. For anyone who's not familiar with the show, it's an industry trade show. Designed and intended for people who run motorcycle shops, not the general public. And, it isn't at all comparable to an Easy Riders Custom Bike show. I can't imagine not learning a ton of stuff that would help your business, at that show. So, if you want to speek with real people and get real information from companies like Custom Chrome, Drag Speciaties, S&S, Jims, Baker, Performance Machine, Works Performance, Puaghco, Progressive Suspension, Dyna-Tech, Andrews and many, many others, this show is for you. They were all there and they all make parts that are nearly required to keep your motorcycle service and repair shop running and profitable. The show was smaller than in the past for sure but, there was a lot more than trikes and over-styled t-shit to be seen, if you knew what you were looking at.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who helped us get there. Mike Thomas of Kiwi Indian was kind enough to drag our displays out there, thanks, Mike. Mark Kawakami put together all of our ads and business cards and our new parts catalog so we had something to give to the dealers. He always does great work, thanks Mark. And last but not least, the Big Man, Al Raposo for keeping the ball rolling at the shop while I was away. Thank, Al.

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