Monday, October 4, 2010

Milestone Ranch MX Park

Been wanting to check this place out for a while now. Been open for a couple of years now. We had been caught up in going out to Comp Edge and Elsinoe and a spot up in the hills above Corona and just never made it out here. Well, we should have. This place is one of the best moto parks in SoCal. It's in Riverside near the Adams cart track, just about fifty miles from where I live. It's got 6 track on it's 55 acres, the Main track, Vet track for the old guys, Pee Wee track for the little kids, Supercross track for the crazies, and a ATV/Beginner track for family fun. Plenty of shade all around the park to chill between motos. And best of all, the tracks were prept to perfection, all of them. And the type of dirt was great for traction, wet o dry. They had organized races on the Main today so we spent most of the day on the Vet track. If you have a dirt bike go check it out.

This five year old kid was racing the PeeWee expert class, on KX65 he

got all but the longest jumps on the main race track, he was fast.

This kid was running second on his KTM

The 450 pro class had a $1000 prize up for grabs.

The guy on the Kawasaki checked out for an easy win.

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