Wednesday, September 8, 2010

J Geirman... Garage Builder

Looks like James is headed back out to the track. Back in the early '90s, he built the car in the first picture and ran it at most of the big west coast VW events. It was a low ten second car that ran up near 120mph. The picture taken about six seconds before the car in the left lane broke an axle and made a hard right into James lane. James tried to swerve to avoid hitting it and spun his car into the guard rail at over 100mph, damaging the car beyond repair.
Well, about a year ago, he found this '63 and after almost 20 years, (married with a great family) is well on his way to getting back in the mix. I took these shots of the chassis/roll cage a month or so ago. He said it's on the ground now with wheels and tires. While his last car was a race only affair, he's telling me this one will be a dual sport. I"ll follow this one til it's done for sure. Stay tuned, he always does nice work.


  1. That thing looks bitchin...was thinkin of buildin another Oval, but drove my friends around and realized I am no longer 15 and look like Pee Wee in a Bug...and feel like a monkey fuckin a football..

  2. Yeah, Mark, the VW is the official dream-car of every kid with a tool box and a drivers permit, for sure. James is a long time V-Dub guy too. He built a really clean'57 oval before he had his drivers licens. And about eight years ago he restored a 63 rag top bug that landed on the cover of Hot VW mag. I'm with you though, I'll stick with big american cars.