Friday, April 22, 2011

Joyrides Art Company

Mark Kawakami is great artist far beyond his photography most of us know him for. And, even though you've seen his work in a few magazine features, most of the photography he shoots, he shoot for fun. anyway, about six months ago he told me he really wanted to put together a collection shots for a picture book. He wasn't sure he could come up with the cash to get it done though. Well, like anyone with a worthwhile goal, he found a way to make it happen and, it really came out nice. The layout, the collection of photos and the quality of the book really show the passion he has for his hobby. It's about 150 pages and I don't even know how many photos, but there are a lot. And, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more currant look into the community of custom cars and motorcycles he focuses his lens on. You can get a copy this weekend at the Viva Las Vegas event or on his Joyrides Art Company web site on Monday. I think he said he only did a little over 100 copies so, hit him up soon if you want one.

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